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TP Sirota/Straka: Exploring sensory mismatch in rats using electrophysiology and virtual reality RatCAVE setup

PhD student Fabián Štoček:

"Our brain receives information from many sensory modalities such as vision, touch, smell, our sense of orientation in space etc. How does our brain use these senses in navigation? For example, how is visual and vestibular information integrated to help us move around the environment?
We will be building upon a previous RTG project in order to investigate a role of sensory mismatch in navigation of rats. We will introduce vestibular perturbation during a 3D virtual reality projection while recording from the hippocampus in order to understand the hierarchy in which sensory information is processed at a given time and what role it plays in the rat's navigational system."



A 3D virtual reality set up for rodent experiments completed by Nick del Grosso, a previous RTG project (click here for more information)