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TP Deubel/Grothe 2: Processing of audio-visual space across eye movements

PhD student Meng Fei Ngan:

"Saccades disrupt currently attended visual fields to bring new objects of interest into the fovea. As a result the visual field being projected on the retina is frequently displaced, but underlying visual processes are utilized to ensure the perception of a smooth transition. The general goal of the thesis project is to investigate the nature of these processes and to study how they affect the perception and localization of objects before and after the saccade.

Currently we are investigating whether and how foveal visual attention is reallocated (remapped) before a saccade. Concurrently we are studying participants’ subjective gaze at times surrounding a saccade. Preliminary results from these two projects indicate strong compensatory processes working in the visual domain to account for spatial displacements caused by eye movements. Moving forward we plan to investigate how auditory stimuli are localized across eye movements and if auditory space is perhaps influenced by these intrinsic visual processes."