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Completed Tandem Projects

TP Straka/Glasauer: "Multi-modal signal convergence in extraocular motoneurons" more

TP Straube/Ruscheweyh: "Can patients with chronic back pain learn control over spinal nociception?" more

TP Dieterich/Brandt: "Modulation of central vestibular networks through aging and high-strength magnetic fields" more

TP Geyer/Müller: "Contextual cueing of visual search" more

TP Sirota/Straka: "Vestibular influence on spatial representation in entorhino-hippocampal system" more

TP Baier/Herz: "Plasticity of place and space coding in the zebrafish brain" more

TP Herz/Leibold: "Analysis of hippocampal recordings" more

TP Flanagin/Geyer: "Individual differences in brain connectivity of the human vestibular network"

TP Sirota/Herz: "Neuronal Dynamics in Health and Alzheimer's Disease"