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Participating researchers

All PIs have multiple established international cooperations that will give ample opportunity for international collaborations involving the doctoral researchers.

Surname, First name Title
Baier, Herwig Prof. Dr. 
Brandt, Thomas Prof. Dr.h.c. FRCP, FANA
Busse, Laura Prof. Dr. 
Dieterich, Marianne Prof. Dr. med. FANA, FEAN
Eggert, Thomas Dr.-Ing. 
Geyer, Thomas Prof. Dr. 
Grothe, Benedikt Prof. Dr. 
Herz, Andreas Prof. Dr. 
Hübener, Mark Prof. Dr. 
Lehnen, Nadine Prof. Dr. med. 
Leibold, Christian Prof. Dr. 
Müller, Hermann Prof. Dr. 
Ruscheweyh, Ruth PD Dr. med. 
Shi, Zhuanghua PD Dr. 
Sirota, Anton Prof. Dr. 
Straka, Hans Prof. Dr. 
Straube, Andreas Prof. Dr. med. 
Wachtler, Thomas Prof. Dr.