RTG 2175 Perception in Context and its neural Basis

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New TP Busse/Wachtler


As part of the DFG-funded Research Training Group “Perception in context and its neural basis” a PhD position is available in a tandem project jointly supervised by Thomas Wachtler (computation) and Laura Busse (neurobiology). The project will investigate contextual modulations of neuronal representations and perception by stimulus and reward history.




Busse:Wachtler 2The successful candidate will train mice in a visual perceptual task, quantifying history effects in behavior and neural responses during task performance, assess the impact of history effects on neuronal coding and decoding using computational modeling, and probe with optogenetics the role of top-down neural circuits for history-dependent contextual modulations. The project requires a strong interest in animal behavior and neurophysiology, as well as computational modeling. Programming skills are beneficial.


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